Pre&Post Electronic Torture

By V Hu

Putting many minor details aside, in May 2011 my father suffered sudden urinary tract bleeding during his clinical trip to Suzhou city for Red Cross China. He was enrolled into Nanjing People’s Hospital for emergency hospitalization. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  As an Audrey’s Crafts and Home Decor’s representative, B was stationed in Shantou Guangdong province China. He rushed to Nanjing Jiangsu Province to watch over him during night time in the hospital. My elder sister and mother took care him daily. Couple weeks later he was discharged from the hospital. But the decision that how to treat the cancer ultimately couldn’t be made yet. I suggested surgery. My elder sister and mother suggested conservative medication treatment considering his old age. They knew some elderly people suffering the same disease are treated with medication and live very well.


In June 2011, I went back home in China. My father’s condition got stabilized and were in three months conservative medication treatment. I spent quiet amount time with B in his office located in Shandou city. I visited my elder sister in Shenzhen.  Her fiancee looked not well, the house wasn’t well organized, and she was busy with her business. So I didn’t stay there. I visited my old colleagues from Mandarin hotel(now C&D Hotel) in Xiamen China. I visited close relatives and the grave of my grandparents in Wuxi.


In July 2011, I returned back to USA and went to work as usual.
Pesticide like air started emitting from the left side wall corners into my home. The testing reports showed chemical pollutants and was submitted to the police.

On August 11, 2011 around medulla oblongata, at the left side of the lower back of my head was hit and burned by one thread of focused high energy pulse while I was sitting in front of the computer desk in my working cubical inside AAI Corp. My legs and arms trembled and turned into numb, my head was congested and painful, my eyes and ears were discomfort and my speech was almost impaired.

On September 18th, 2011 (Sunday) back of my left knee was zapped and burned by one thread of focused high energy pulse while I was pacing nearby my home. The burning pain deep inside the knee was so severe that I had to take next Monday off to recuperate.

Emitting of poisonous air was stopped on December 10th, 2011, but high energy pulse (electron magnetic pulse, radio wave, or microwave ) started frequently and extensively zapping into my home to attack me.  Then in my working cubical as well.  I quit the job from AAI Corp in January 2012.


8月11日坐在 AAI Corp. 公司工作隔间里电脑办公桌前,我的左边风池穴附近被一束聚焦的,高强的定向能波束猛烈刺射冲击灼烧,我的整个左半边身体,从头到脚趾头都被击麻,头发胀,眼耳难受,说话舌头不听使唤似的 。



End of February 2012 I went back to Xiamen China. During the first month,  everything was fine and I was in total peace. One month later, some energy pulse started to appear in the rental apartment. On March 8 I started to work for Taine Tech., a website developing company in Xiamen. I worked peacefully for more than one month. Started from May, the energy pulse started attacking me while I was sitting at the computer desk in Taine Tech. First the energy wave pulsated on my feet and legs and made them swollen, then moved to my heap and lower back, then back and chest, eventually reached to my head and neck. All my body was enveloped in high energy pulse. I quit the job again.


On May 10th, while I was sitting at my desk, bursts of energy pulse shot directly to my chest. During the lunch break, I sat on a stone bench with my two colleagues in the yard front of the office building, and felt
energy wave radiating the front of my body. It was in much bigger scale, less intensity. The front of my body facing the building felt tingling and burning as if I was getting low voltage electric shock. During that time, a security guard from that building approached us and observed us.


On May 11th and later, energy pulse zapped the back of my head and the back, sometime in big scale waves, sometime in focused threads .


Before being electronically tortured, I noticed there were some new faces entered/exited in/out the Chuangye building, 2 white males, one in 50s, the other in 30/40s, and couple Asian males seen in Baltimore. One was a skinny male once stood at the entrance of the Hunan Taste restaurant beside H-Mart located at Route 40. Another was a square faced slightly fat male once seen in the elevator of building 100 in AAI Corp.

被电子酷刑之前,Taine Tech. 公司所在的创业大楼增加了一些值得注意的人,应该跟发生的事情有关。曾在美国Baltimore出没的 2个白人,一个50岁左右,一个30/40岁左右和两个华人,一个是在40号公路Hunan Taste 餐馆内站在门口送客的瘦高个,尖脸男人,另一个是曾经在美国AAI公司100号楼电梯里方脸稍胖男人。

That Jewish like white male in 30/40s once appeared in the Lincoln center Opera theater when Kaiing and I went there to watch opera in December 2009. He was then with a lanky old male in old swallow-tailed coat standing outside the female’s rest room. I was then waiting in the line to use the rest room.

那个30/40 岁左右的男人看起来有点像犹太人,曾在2009年12月25日跟凯因在纽约林肯中心剧院看戏休息期间见过,当时陪着一个瘦的穿着陈旧燕尾服的老头子站在女厕所外面观望。当时我在厕所外排队。

This old male appeared at the boarding gate of Dragon airline to Xiamen in HK airport on May 28, 2012. I was sitting on the bench and waited for checking in. He came and sat beside me. There was a fat young Asian male sitting two rows front constantly watching over. I moved to the end of the line to wait for boarding. He right away followed me to the line. During check in, a ground staff told me that they had to take extra time to check my ticket information and let him board on the flight first.


Until then, high energy wave shot into my rental apartment in Xiamen 24/7. I tried to spend more time outside the rental apartment, i.e. beach, mountain, park…but I couldn’t go out everyday. I had to sleep inside the rental apartment. Now in National Day and Middle Autumn of October 2012, the zapping is continuing, sometime energy pulse radiates the living room, sometime the bedroom, even the balcony. 

直到现在,我在厦门租用的套房一直受到电磁波/骚扰。我尽量往外跑,比如沙滩,山地,公园……但是不可能天天往外跑, 晚上还得在住处睡觉。现在2012年10月的国庆/中秋放假都还没有消停。一会射到客厅,一会房间,晚上站在阳台上都能感觉到。


  1. 长期操作电脑,你有颈椎问题,建议中医理疗

With prolonged working in front of computer, you may have cervical vertebra problem, suggest to have Chinese  Transitional Medicine Therapy.


My cervical vertebra has no problem. Otherwise I would feel the same ill feeling every where I go. I feel the energy pulse only when I am working at company and staying home. The body parts that energy pulse zapped are changed for different time. I know myself and can 100% sure that it is energy pulse from the external. I’ve considered all need to be considered.


The energy pulse zaps differently in different day. I was zapped inside house,but would feel nothing outside the house or on the balcony. Some time it is on the left, sometime right, sometime front, sometime back, sometime on top of head, on feet, groin, buttock,  belly, hip…

劲椎出问题会在这么多身体的不同部位感觉到一会像电流的麻麻感,一会刺痛感,严重时胸口刺痛,一天都闷,或腿疼得都不想走路,好像被做了化疗想呕吐, 气体或液体在腹腔内流动要放屁或拉肚子的感觉。

if I have problem on my cervical vertebra, how could I experience electric shock like tingling sensation, pricking pain, severe chest pain, chest congestion, leg pain, sensation to vomit,fart or bowl movement ?

我在第2次在公司内受到严重重击后去医院做了x光片,mri 脑磁共振。颈椎没有问题。这些都在我发表的纪录里都记载下来了。

When the back of head was zapped heavily 2nd time inside AAI Corp., I visited doctor for diagnose. I had Xray of my vertebra and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of my brain. I don’t have cervical vertebra problem. The details have been recorded in my published notes.


If my heath has problem, it wouldn’t bother so many eccentric people to follow me from America to China.

2.  天哪,看你说的这个,感觉跟恐怖片一样,我很好奇,人家为什么要用电磁波害你呢?有利益关系么?还是得罪了什么人 

Gosh, what you told is like horror movie. I’m curious why people electronically torture you. Any benefit related issues? Did you offend anyone?

2012-10-17 12:40


There are many reasons. According to my supervisor, AAI Corp does research and produce electromagnetic weapons. That has been tested. Referring to his emails in my notes. Everything occurred to me in a sudden. I felt it , tested it myself, then asked others and searched for related documentaries. I don’t think I’ve deliberately offend anyone.  Most time I appear too kind. A lot of people may try to force me into something.

2012-10-17 12:48

说: 武力强制,我觉得也不至于啊,你都回中国了,人家不惜那么大的代价,从美国跟过来,如果真要对你做什么,在美国的时候,就该对你实施了

Armed forcing, I feel it is over stated. You’ve already came back to China. Following you from America to China would cost them fortune. They would done all that back in the USA if they really wanted to do something to you.

2012-10-17 12:51


I saw couple white males, Asian males seen in Baltimore following me to Xiamen one month later. They did started electronic torture me back in USA. It seemed not enough for them, or they need more excuses and lies to cover up what they had done in the USA. Therefore they followed me to China at any costs.

2012-10-17 12:56



In America, many Christians persuaded me to be converted into Christianity. I met many Chinese who became Christian after suffered a major nerve breakdown. Some business people, i.e. Dr.Shi told me that he couldn’t get a lot of business if he hadn’t been converted to Christianity. Kaiing is a realtor and also a devout Christian. She told me her boss, a real estate agent is also a devout Christian. She mentioned to me that a mother and daughter were converted into Christianity after the husband/father died from a car accident. It would be great thing happened to that mother to find sustenance in Christian spirituality if all these occurred naturally. It would be horrible if it purposely injures and kills innocent people only to make them religious.


I told her that some of mine friends in China are Christians while some are Buddhists. I respect everyone’s faith. People makes choices according their preference. It is just like some people like turnips while some prefer greens. I couldn’t become Christian, but would be happy to attend church service with her time by time and discuss the religious matter with them.


My left-side neighbor put a package of Judaism promotional material in front of my house door and stood beside the car parked in the front to watch my reaction. This action violates my right of freedom of religion or belief and made me really upset.


另一方面,在Baltimore 的李玲,李玉玲(Lucy Li的姐姐),李爱玲的侄子,阿特肯的厨娘Wanda,李爱玲珠光公司94年的老总因该是想尽办法要封嘴。李玲和李玉玲都在华人生物医药科技协会(CCBA)工作,李玉玲还是主席。他们跟李爱玲和她现任的老公都是一条线上的蚂蚱。可我实际上根本不想跟他们罗嗦了,我已经往我自己的人生道路前进了。可是做贼心虚的和贪婪的东西看到我心慌了。

The other side, Maggie, YuLing Li ( claimed as Lucy’s elder sister), Lucy’s nephew, Bobby,Artco’s cooking lady, Wanda, the general manager served for ZhuGuang Company in ZhuHai in 1994 ,Lucy herself ,and Lucy’s current husband possibly wanted to silent me. Both Maggie and Yuling Li work for CCBA and YuLing Li is the Chairwoman of CCBA. I didn’t want to deal with them. But they might feel nervous to see me.


According to my personal experience and the people I met along the way, I feel I’m an involuntary testing object for medical and mind control experiments. These people hidden in the dark lie tremendously to incite uninformed people against me to damage my reputation, isolate me, and prepare for the final execution. Since July 2011, first the poisonous air was emitted into my home, after I was tested and exposed, the high energy pulse started zapping me. To them, it seemed not enough to torture me in the USA, so they followed me to China and continued the execution.  The cost of execution is not little. Thinking about how much it would cost to arrange people at my work place and residency to zap me 24/7. Unless operators from both China and America are benefited for such horrible things. Chinese people’s lives have always been considered cheap!


Chinese woman appear to be too kind. Any place a Chinese woman goes, often she would be taken advantage by those sinister villains and forced to sell her body. Some of them have been selling themselves for long time back in China and got already used to that, so appear very obedient. But there are many against it. Kaiing had asked me why not to be obedient. This word of Obedience means so much!


左边的邻居想方设法压制我,得不成就报复。公司里以前骚扰过我的人,Patric Vivona, Sean也会报复我。

My left-side neighbors kept trying to suppress me since they moved in. Couple employees in AAI Corp. i.e. Patric Vivona and Sean harassed me . All of them could run the retaliation against me.


Some people want to force me to do something that I don’t want, some people want to get something, some people are just too jealous…they hit it off with each other! Inducement, insult, and framing don’t get what they want, then they started emitting poisonous air into my home and zapping me with high energy pulse at work and in home.


My father suffered sudden ill, I rushed back to China, I was framed, I was tortured by poisonous gas and high energy pulse (electron pulse/radio wave/microwave…). Step by step, all was arranged.

2012-10-17 13:07

我啥都不是,为什么有那么多人花那么多精力, 金钱跟踪,设圈套,​发射电磁波我

I’m nobody , why some people paid such huge amount of effort and money to stalk, set up traps, and electronic torture me?

2006年圣诞节,当着我妹妹的面CCBA 的李玲(Maggie ) 曾经问起我妹妹专业,硕士英文,找啥工作的事。又要送汽车音乐播放器。当时很随意的推掉了。没有想太多。

In 2006 Christmas, with my sister’ presence, Maggie from CCBA asked about my sister’s major of study, English Literature, and job seeking status. She intended to give car music playing device. I didn’t think much and just casually turned down.

2008年在广东赈灾义卖会上,见到CCBA的女主席,李玉玲让我想起了李爱玲(Lucy). 那天她给了我名片,Maggie 邀我去她男朋友,Bobby Li 的住处吃中秋元宵,我把我的提包放在客厅,在厨房吃的元宵,回到家,李玉玲给我的名片就不见了。

In the Guangdong Snow Disaster Relief Bazaar hosted in 2008,  I met the Chairwoman of CCBA, Yuling Li who reminded me Lucy Li. That night she handed me her name card. Later Maggie invited me to her boyfriend, Bobby’s residency to eat sweat rice dumplings for Autumn Festival. I left my handbag on the table in the living room and had the rice dumplings in the kitchen with Maggie. After I got home, I couldn’t find the Yuling Li’s name card anymore.

CCBA华人医药协会, Johns Hopkins 医院,AAI Corp 内的人都有千丝万缕的联系。

It appears to me that CCBA, Johns Hopkins, and some people in AAI Corp are connected.


After I came back to USA in July 2011,  I was attacked by severe poisonous gas and electronic pulse at home from the leftside neighbor and in the working cubical from the above and behind. My felt my head congested, my arms and legs trembled and tingling, my skin burning painful and itchy as it was bruised and swollen, and with red bumps in the single, paired or triple patterns, or red round patches filled with small bumps in the same patterns. I couldn’t concentrate on work or do anything.

所有这些就是要使我精神崩溃,甚至死亡,不能说话,不敢说话,说话不算数, 一句话,就是要封住我的嘴巴。

All these is just to push me nerve breakdown, even death, not be able to talk, to be afraid of talk, and make my words unaccountable; it comes down to silent me.


Why some people want me silent? What to be covered up? What I know that bothers them so much?