Electronic Zapped Left Knee

By V Hu

On September 18th, 2011, Sunday afternoon around 16:00pm, still in day light, I put on sneaker and walked along Smith Avenue nearby my house to limber up. On the way back home, I walked through the yard of Mt. Washington Conference Center and reached to the side entrance. The entrance was very wide which was convenient for cars to enter and exit. At that time, the entrance was blocked with “X”shape cross fence gate. The gate is low, which could be easily step over by a person, but enough to stop a car passing through. I stepped over with my right leg first, and then was folding my left leg to cross over. Suddenly I felt a point of sharp pain back of my left knee. The pain was focused on one point deep inside of knee tissue. This type of pain was definitely not caused by pulled muscle or tendon. After I fully crossed over the fence gate, I stuck my head up and looked straight ahead. I saw a tall and heavyset white guy standing on the lawn in front of a cottage opposite the street. He had round face and black curly hair, looked very like one overweight white boy worked in the same lab room with Tom Conway of our working team in AAI Corp., except that this guy was much taller than my colleague. He was leading almost 10 dark brown Pomeranian dogs in leash. I turned back, lifted my left leg and stepped on a block of stone with elevated height. Then I bent over to examine my left knee. I massaged the back of the left knee a little bit and didn’t get any improvement. However I did manage to walk back home. I sent an email to my supervisor at work to ask for a sick leave on the coming Monday. I spent whole day home lying somewhere and massaging the left knee time by time on Monday. At the evening of that day, the pain was gone away, but there was still discomfort which last for couple days. I went to work anyway.

I always found very strange about such burning pain on my body. After my whole body had been radiated and burned by electromagnetic radiation (I can distinctly recognize the pulse pressing and piercing into my body and pulsating my body), I’m 100% sure about that the strange burning pain behind of my left knee was caused by directed energy (non-ionizing radiation below the visible range, the microwaves or radio waves) zapping and burning.

2011年9月18日星期天下午16:00pm左右,天还亮着,我就穿上跑鞋沿家附近的Smith Avenue 走路活动胫骨。转回家时,穿过Mt. Washington Conference Center 会议中心的院子,走到侧门。进出口很宽,便于车辆进出,当时被大叉杠的栅栏门挡着。栅栏门低矮,人可以很容易跨过,但足够挡住车辆进出。我右腿已跨过,正弯曲左腿要跨过时,突然左腿膝盖后面一阵刺痛,那疼痛感聚焦在一个点上,而且位于组织很深处。这种疼痛绝对不是肌腱拉伤造成的。我跨过大叉门后抬头往前看,看到一个高个子,大块头,圆脸,黑色卷发的白人男的站在路对面小别墅门前的草坪上。他长得很像AAI Corp.公司我们工作小组在实验室跟Tom Conway一起工作的白人胖男孩。只是这个男人比我的同事的个子要高很多。他手里牵着近10只深棕色博美狗。我转过身把左腿抬起踏在稍高的石墩上,弯腰检查膝盖。我揉搓膝盖后面,没有多大改善。但是我还是支撑着走回家里。我发了电子邮件给我的主管请一天假在家养伤。星期一一整天我呆在家里躺着,时不时按摩左膝盖。到了晚上的时候,疼痛感消失了,但是仍然有不适感。这种不适感持续了几天。我坚持去上班了。