Electronic Tortured Since July 2011

By V Hu

After visiting my parents (my dad was admitted to hospital emergently in May 2011 and diagnosed with prostate cancer) in China in June 2011, I’ve been experiencing poisonous air and high energy pulse (electromagnetic pulse) emitted into both my working cubical in AAI Corp. (sub-company of Textron In.) and the residential house in Baltimore, MD USA since July 2011. First there was pesticide like irritating air emitted from corners of left side walls of my house during nights at different time from evening to next morning. The air irritated my nose so severely that I could feel burning sensation in my nasal passages, hurt my skin as if it was poked by many tiny needles and left French chalk like colorless substance covering any of my body parts exposed to it. Then in my working cubical the same kind of irritating air poured down from the ceiling, but much thinner than the irritating air in my house. Every morning after around 9:00am or 10:00am, inside the working cubical I felt my head become heavier and heavier as if it’s filled with led. I had to rest my head on the desk. Then I felt some acupressure points on my chest were pressed in with heavy force causing chest tightness and chest pain. However I didn’t have cardiac problems or high blood pressure or diabetes. I massaged acupressure points on my head, neck, chest, and hands. Eventually I got recovered.

On August 11, 2011 inside the working cubical, left side of lower back of my head was zapped and burned by directed energy pulse.

On September 18th, 2011 back of my left knee was zapped by directed energy pulse.

At the time when both of these two incidents happened, I suspected about being zapped by directed energy pulse, but wasn’t sure, so I went to see physicians and had all kinds of tests.

On December 7th, 2011 I went through brain MRI scan.

Started from December 12, 2011 I had been being severely zapped and burned 24/7 by directed high energy pulse coming from left side walls of my house and from the top, first in home, then in my working cubical. I’d reported to the company’s HR, Baltimore County labor department, and Baltimore Police department. But nothing seemed helpful to stop the electronic torture on me. HR specialist Lisa Greenhouse told me this kind of activity was not organized by AAI Corp.’s management, therefore they couldn’t stop it. (See http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_ce1b77300101c3fk.html for logs)

If any employee or employee’s immediate family had died, all the employees in AAI Corp. would receive an obituary in email. From 2010 to 2011, I received one after the other the obituary of some male employees dying from cardiac arrest. Their ages ranged from 20 to 40 years. I have been suspecting that they may die unnaturally after I myself experienced chest pain for no health issue and invisible energy beaming and piercing through my body.

Early 2008, Doug Jones, a middle aged electronics engineer in our team suicided with a gun in a weekend.  On the Friday of that week, we had team meeting. He appeared happy and told us he would be soon transferred back to the military. However he did have a heated argument about the work with another engineer. The news of his death came into the office on Monday morning. Then all the team members attended his funeral. During one of the business trips with him and other team members, he told us that he and his wife had been suffering migraine headaches and taking a lot of pain killers wouldn’t ease the pain. I suggested him to try Chinese acupuncture treatments. I had been suspecting that he and his wife may be electronic tortured by directed energy from unknown sources just like me.

Through discussing with Ralph, my supervisor I learned that AAI Corp. did receive orders of developing and manufacturing directed energy weapons and test them. However the tests were taken place before I had been zapped by high energy. The symptoms caused by directed energy zapping described by him are same as mine.

I quit the job at the beginning of January 2012, as I couldn’t stand being zapped and burned with directed high energy pulse while sitting in the working cubical.

I moved to Xiamen China on January 26, 2012.  I stayed in one rental apartment for a little over one month without any high energy pulse harassment. Then right side apartment was occupied with a white guy with oval shaped plump face from Colorado, USA and the whole building suddenly had black out (other buildings in the same complex didn’t lost the electricity). Then the high energy pulse started to emit into the apartment. I moved to a different apartment located at the different district after I got a job in Taine Tech. Ltd.

On March 8th, 2012 I started working for a Chinese website/cashier software development company in Xiamen. A little over one month later, my feet and legs started swelling each day I worked. On May 10th, and 11th, 2012, I started experiencing the same strong electromagnetic pulse zapping at my chest and back at the work place. Same time the pulse had been zapping into my new rental apartment. I quit the job again. I noticed there were some people seen in Baltimore appeared vicinity of my work place and rental apartment complex in Xiamen. By early 2013, the stalkers were disappeared, but the high energy pulse has never stopped zapping me while I was in my rental apartment.

This is the website describing the symptoms of electronic torture:


2015/12/22-12/23, the energy zapping became milder around 1-2:00am, and then around 8:30am intensified again. In the morning of 12/23 I was testing and troubleshooting the laptop at the desk. The energy beamed down to my head and burned my face:


2015/12/23-12/24, the energy zapping became milder around 1-2:00am, and then around 6:30am it intensified again. My face, neck and chest were burned by the energy.

2015/12/24-26, the energy zapping had been really intense.




Since August 2016, the high energy had also intensely zapped and burned my dog too.

2011年6月回中国探亲(我父亲在2011年5月紧急住院查出得了前列腺癌),7月回美国后,开始有刺激性气体和高强能量波束(电磁波)放射到马里兰州巴尔帝魔自己家里和AAI Corp. (Textron Inc.下属公司) 公司内工作隔间里。一开始化学物质似的刺激性气体从家里左墙角冒出来,每晚 不同时间一直持续到第二天早上。这气体刺激鼻粘膜很强,我一闻到就立即捂鼻子;伤痛我的皮肤,好像很多细小的针扎在身上;在暴露于其中的身体部位表面留下一层像滑石粉似的物质(如果用棉被盖着就不会有)。接着在公司工作隔间里,同样的刺激性气体从房顶倾泻下来,但是比起在家里要稀薄很多。每天早上9:00am /10:00am 点钟以后,我感觉头越来越重,好像被灌了铅似的。我不得不趴在办公桌上休息。后来我感觉到胸口的几个穴位被强力压住了,我胸闷,胸痛。但是我没有心脏病,高血压,或糖尿病。我按摩头,颈,胸和手的穴位,最终得以缓解。2011年8月11日在工作隔间,我脑后勺左下方风池穴附近被定向能波束刺射和灼伤。2011年9月18日,我左膝盖后面被定向能波束刺射和灼伤。两起事故发生时,我怀疑被定向能波束刺射,但是不确定,所以我看了门诊医生,做了一系列体检。2011年12月7日,我做了脑磁共振成像扫描。自12月12日开始每日每夜我身体明显被高强波束刺射灼烧。波束从家里左边墙壁里发射出来,还有从顶上刺射下来。先是在家里,然后在公司工作隔间里。我汇报给公司人事部,巴尔帝魔县劳动部门,巴尔帝魔县警察。但是无法阻止高强的能量波束(电磁波)刺射到我家里或公司工作隔间里灼烧我的身体。人事专员Lisa 回复我说这不是公司管理层组织的,所以他们无法阻止。(阅http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_ce1b77300101c3fk.html 详细记录)

公司内员工及其直系亲属死亡,其死亡讣告会以电子邮件方式发给所有员工,自2010年到2011年间,接二连三有男员工死于突发性心脏病,年龄都在20,30,40 多岁段,等我自己经历无缘无故的胸痛和无形波穿过胸部后,我终于明白那些人可能死于非命。2008年初,我先前的工作小组内一位中年男电气工程师突然持枪自杀,自杀前那个星期五小组开会还开开心心的,说是要被调迁到边防服役。过了周末星期一上班就听到他的噩耗,接着参加了他的葬礼。之前一起出差偶然几个人聊天中,他说他和老婆都头痛难忍,吃很多止痛药都无济于事,我还建议他们试试中医针灸。现在我怀疑那夫妻俩是不是也遭受到电子酷刑。





下面我是翻译的有关电子酷刑的网页,很多灼痛,瘙痒, 和电流在皮肤上跳动的感觉与我的经历雷同。



(2015/12/22-12/23)波束刺射到凌晨1-2:00am,变缓和,早上8:30am 左右又开始猛烈刺射。


(23-24)波束刺射到凌晨1-2:00am,缓和,早上6:30am 左右又刺射。胸颈脸被灼伤出很多红疙瘩 

2015/12/24-26 刺射不停,26号2:00am被刺射得实在躺不下起身

2015/12/28,1.42am,最近晚上1-2:00am,卧室内的波束开始增强了,这跟12/24前的刺射时间安排有区别了!以前2:00am 后开始减弱。晚上19:00 – 20:00pm 胸前又被刺射得多出来很多疙瘩。感觉发射口是两个圆形,每个口波束的量大,聚集成一块圆形红肿块,波束量少,10多个疙瘩不成圆形,但互相靠近。

2015/12/29 10:20am,同样的波束又开始猛烈刺射上身



2011年8月11日在AAI 公司工作间脑后勺被重重的能量波击中的是左边风池穴附近 左边的头顶也是被经常刺射灼烧的,波束从头顶刺射下去,不适的感觉一直传到左脚趾,很多时候感觉左腿会残废 左边的脸也是经常被刺射灼烧的(摄于2015/12/26) 颈子左边被重叠的疙瘩覆盖,肿出一圈(摄于2015/12/31)

刺射一直进行着,2015/12/31 下午17:30pm 躺床上小憩,结果还是被波束刺射灼烧醒了。本来红肿消退了很多,刚在客厅坐了一两个小时,脸部,颈部,和胸部现在肿得更厉害了–比较25号拍的胸口照片(第三张)

2016/1/1, 已经一天一夜没睡着了,一躺下,波束一会儿刺射这,一会儿刺射那。现在我的颈部和胸部覆盖了一层疙瘩,刺痒,刺痛;脸部一直是不同程度的红肿。

2016/12/10 我从厦门湖里区兴隆路314号402室(博士山庄)搬到新住处,因为原住处的房东,江西南昌陆霞因为在老家南昌买房,就把厦门的房子卖了。


自2016/12/20日以来, 刺射到住处的波束强烈,频繁,持续时间很长,整个晚上和大部分白天。我的颈胸背被灼伤严重。小狗躺在床上经常突然间腾起来,然后舔肚子和搔背,跳下床转移躺的地方。它的背上和肚子上出现怪异的类似灼伤的红色块,然后红色退掉,脱掉一层皮就恢复正常了。它身上一直保持很干净的。